Monday, 1 August 2011

Birthday Celebrations

The birthday celebrations started at 9.30 am, bright and early, with Michelle Johnson arriving to start the workshops arranged.  The ladies started arriving soon after and were really up beat and eager to get started.  The first workshop we were really please to have Kayleigh join us with her Mum.  Kayleigh is only 11 years old but to be honest is as good as or even better than us adults.  She had a lovely time and went away to carry on crafting.

During the workshop Michelle arranged for all the girls to play pass the parcel.  However, this was ordinary pass the parcel.  Each of the ladies picked out a number from a yellow container with a face on the front which looked like Sponge Bob.  This was passed around each of the ladies,when the music stopped a number was taken from the box and the lucky person received a prize. Each of the ladies in the end received a prize.  This was again repeated for the afternoon ladies.  Well our pass the parcel friend has not got a name so we therefore all had a hard think a placed a name for it inside.  At the end of the day a name was pulled out and finally our friend was named 'Crafty Pearl'

Before the excitment of Crafty Pearl, the ladies were enjoying making the embellishments with a glue gun.  This involved rubber stamping, foils and cosmic shimmers. 

In the photograph above is Kayleigh using the glue gun to make peals.

Here Sue has used the glue gun and a rubber stamp to make a flower image and then foil to give the flower colour. 

Avril is busy making her pearls.  At the side you can see one of her cards. The pearls are to go onto her card to complete it.

Above is Kayleigh's Mum, Tamena.  She has stamped this card and used Metallic pens to colour the inside of the flower.  On the card are also pearls made using the glue gun.  These are differcult to see!
Above are examples of the pearls and a stamped image using the glue gun and finished using mico powders and foils.

All the ladies including Kayleigh had a wonderful 2.5 hours of fun and enjoyed Michelle's workshops and have said they will look forward to another workshop with her and Crafty Pearl!


The Pharmacy, Hairdresses and myself are really pleased to have raised £106.00 for the Polehampton Junior School in Twyford.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket.  The lucky winners received, a meal for 2 at the local pub, and meal for 2 at The Bird in Hand, £10.00 gift voucher for the local garden centre, bottle of wine, voucher for the craft shop and a voucher for a blow dry for the hairdressers.

Thank you to everyone who came along to enjoy the fun and help us celebrate our 5th Birthday.

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