Parchment club

The workshops are taken by Maureen who offers you expert advice and teaches you different techniques each time you come along.  Maureen will give you projects of your ability and at no time are you rushed or expected to finish a project.  This can be carried on the next time or Maureen will explain what to do if you want to take it home.

For the customers who attend I have changed the way the parchment club is run.  There will now be no joining fee.  All workshop classes will cost £12.50 for each person who attends.  10% off will be given for all purchases made on the day of the class.  Materials, refreshments and nibbles will be provided.  On the Tuesday, there are two workshops.  If you would like to stay for the whole day, as some of you like to do, the fee for the day will be £22.00.  A £3.00 saving.  Customers who still have time left on their membership will of course be honoured until it has finished.

Customers who attend are friendly and are keen to help each other if it is needed.  Beginners and the more advanced are all welcome on this workshop.
Held on the 2nd Saturday of every month, 10.30 am ~ 12.30 pm or the last Tuesday of every month, 10.30 am ~ 12.30 pm & 1.30 pm ~ 3.30 pm.

Parchment craft uses specialist translucent papers that change colour and become stretched when pressure is applied with tools.  This technique is known as embossing.  Parchment craft is in varying the amount of embossing to the paper to control the shade of colour in the design.  Designs can be further enhanced by pricking and cutting into the parchment paper.  If this interests you then come along and have a go.