Friday, 27 May 2011

Christmas Card Club

Last week was the Christmas Craft Club.  Are you thinking, that is early?  Even though it is early the club has proved popular. Some of the ladies are coming to start working on their very long Christmas card lists instead of doing them all at the last minute.  They all enjoy the interation with the other crafters and bounce ideas off each other.  Sample cards are made to give the ladies ideas.  They do not have to copy exactly what I have put together.  Below are the ladies happerly crafting and some of the Christmas cards that have been made over the last of workshops.

Val Pounds, Felicity Rees, Pam Butler, Sheila Davis

if you would like to come along to the Christmas craft club, it is held twice a month, the first Saturday and the last Wednesday of everymonth 10.30am until 12.30 pm.  Just call 0118 9345666

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