Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rubber Stamping Club

Friday evening rubber stamping club went well. Full of inpsiration along with lots of giggles.  They made some lovely cards using our new cross template and fantasy fibre.

I am sure you will agree Janet looks really pleased with her finished card.

Before using the cross the ladies had fun using Fantasy Fibre & film using stamps made by Creative Expressions called 'U Mount' CUTE.
£ 10.80

They all had a go stamping these images with the film or the fibre. The photo below is using the fibre.
To make the above all you need to do is firstly purchase yourself some fantasy fibre.  You will also require an acrylic block and the stamps as shown above.
  • Stick the rubber stamp down onto the acrylic block with repositional spay.
  • Take a small amount of fibre and place over the stamp.  Making sure there are no gaps or is too thick. 
  • Gently take off the stamp.
  • Ink you stamp using a permanent ink or stazon.
  • Place the fibre over the stamp again.
  • Place baking paper or parchment over the top.
  • Using an iron, an encaustic iron or travel iron would be ideal on a medium to high setting, iron over the top of the parchment making sure you go round all the edges.
  • Remove the parchment and the fibre and hopefully your image will look like the above.
The film is used the same way.

Any questions please give me a call.  0118 9345666
Have fun! Jeanette

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